Act of Caring, Metal polish cloth

Act of Caring, Metal polish cloth

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Metal polish Cloth. Polish your gold and silver jewellery. The Act of Caring polishing cloth by SILBO has been specially impregnated to gently polish your gold and silver jewellery or your beloved vintage watch. Also suitable for coins and cutlery. Gives it a fresh radiant shine without harm to noble metals.

Every dirty and tarnished treasure will now turn bright and shiny by simply rubbing them with the cloth.

The opaque oxide veil, which quickly gives gold and silver a dull appearance, will disappear vanishes directly after polishing. Our cloth, cleans, polishes, nourishes and protects your metal items and gives them a renewed radiant shine.

The cloth made out of 100% cotton, can be used several times and the effect will last for a very long time.

Caring for your silver and gold couldn’t be easier and more satisfying.


  • Nourishes, cleans, polishes and protects your noble metals
  • The cloth can be used several times
  • Long lasting effect