Durable furniture for life, which lasts a lifetime would be fantastic. To be able to live more minimalistically and only buy what we have to.. Here you will find big and small things that visualize our idea of sustainability. Things that everyone can buy and that do not require more resources. Actually, the entire online store is an environmental act. Our environmental concept is clarified just a little extra under this category..

    REDESIGN Here you will eventually find furniture and furnishings that we have taken care of and fixed, created a new use for or created from scratch from recycled material. In the workshop, Therese will stand together with talented craftsmen from the locality.

    RESCUED is part of our environmental concept. If it says RESCUED in the product description, it means that the product has notes, but is fully usable. You are doing an environmental deed if you buy the product, while also finding something! These items can often (but not always) be restored to order with simple means. A do it yourself concept = Do It Yourself!

    ENVIRONMENTAL PACKAGES Please look out for the environmental packages we will sell from time to time because they are really good and cheap! Search for the word "ENVIRONMENTAL PACKAGE" in the search box to find them. The idea is that if the environmental packages sell well, the profit from them will go directly to the benefit of environmental organizations.