Slow [birch] bark

Slow [birch] bark

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A cealing lamp made of leftover birch bark stripes in 2nd quality from a local carpenter. Locally produced by SKRYTA in Sweden as a social project. Skryta generally do not sell their lamps directly to private customers. This is the first time a Skryta lamp is offered on the commercial market. We hope you will love it as much as we do. Earth friendliness in such a timeless shape directly from the nature. Comes with lampholder. 

Ø 450 mm height: 260 mm 

Also available in Ø 600 mm height: 350 mm. Contact us at if you would like to preorder. Also smaller lamps might be possible to order. Let us know if you are interested! 


SKRYTA [slow design] is a award-winning design studio located in the heart of Gothenburg. Together, Maria Zeilon and Lill O.Sjöberg create a mix of innovation and craftsmanship, driven by the shared passion for sustainable solutions.We know that it is possible to manufacture products from waste materials, with alternative production methods suitable for a high-end design market both in large-scale production and as limited editions.

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